The Benefits of Hiring a Solicitor as Your Property Lawyer in Parramatta or Western Sydney

If you are looking for property lawyers in Parramatta to assist you with the buying or selling of a new home or property, then you may be comparing prices between solicitors and conveyancers. In some cases, there can be a price difference between these two different types of property law professionals, with conveyancers sometimes charging less than solicitors. Rather than decide which form of services to engage based solely on price, though, it’s a good idea to understand the differences between solicitors and conveyancers.

Conveyancers versus Solicitors: Which Option Is Best for You?

The main difference between conveyancers and solicitors is their point of legal focus. Conveyancers are legal professionals who specialise solely in property law. In other words, a conveyancing business has the purpose of helping clients with property matters and little else. Conveyancers are usually not trained in other areas of the law.

When you hire a property solicitor in Parramatta, on the other hand, you get a full-fledged legal professional. Solicitors have broad knowledge about the legal profession and often operate law firms with a variety of different services. Solicitors also have specific knowledge and training in the area of property law, but property law is not their sole focus.

The extra training and knowledge that solicitors bring to the table may prove extremely beneficial to you during your forthcoming property transaction. For instance, a solicitor can advise you on how a property purchase might impact your tax burden. If you are in the midst of a divorce and are looking to sell a piece of property, a solicitor can advise you on the implications that the sale may have in any divorce court proceedings. If you have a Will, a solicitor can help you update it to reflect the purchase or sale of property. A solicitor can also give legal advice on specific issues that could arise during the conveyancing transactions; conveyancers on the other hand may not be able to give such advice

In other words, while you might hire a property solicitor in Parramatta specifically to help you through a real estate transaction, a solicitor’s in-depth knowledge of general law may come in handy in several ways throughout the process. Many clients are willing to pay extra for this more comprehensive service.

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