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When a marriage ends, bitterness and resentment will frequently seep into any interaction between the former (or soon-to-be-former) spouses. Unfortunately, this bitterness and resentment can turn even amicable and straightforward divorce proceedings into battles. Theoretically, couples who haven’t been married for long and didn’t have any children together should be able to disentangle their lives from one another with relative ease. Even these proceedings, though, can turn into bitter battles over every little asset.

Needless to say, when children are involved, the stakes are higher. Because of the higher stakes, divorces can turn into even harsher battles. If you share a child (or several children) with your spouse and believe that divorce is imminent, it is wise to sit down with a team of family lawyers in Castle Hill or Blacktown to start discussing your options.

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At Sydney Lawyers & Associates, our family lawyers are happy to sit down with you in Auburn or Baulkham Hills to start discussing a potential child custody battle. Even when children are involved, you must go through a 12-month period of separation from your spouse before you file for divorce. If you and your spouse are separated—or even if you are just nearing the point where separation will be necessary—this 12-month period gives you time to prepare a strong child custody case.

Using that time to your advantage is important. While you cannot finalise your divorce until after the 12-month separation period has passed, divorce negotiations can still take place during the 12-month grace period. These negotiations can help bring about respectful, amicable agreements and settlements, thereby allowing you and your family to avoid a costly and traumatising court battle.

If you choose Sydney Lawyers & Associates as your family lawyers in Baulkham Hills or Castle Hill, we will work with you in hopes of achieving an amicable solution to the child custody question. First, we will sit down and talk you through Australia’s child custody laws, so that you can get a firm handle on your rights and options under the law. From there, we will work with you to start preparing your case. Whether you are fighting for sole custody of the child/children or hoping that you and your spouse can work out an equal parenting arrangement, we will be there to assist you and defend your rights.

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Striving for this kind of amicable settlement is always worth it. It’s better for the children, for you and your spouse and your ongoing relationship, for your pocket, and the rest of your family. At Sydney Lawyers & Associates, we will do everything we can to help you achieve a peaceful and amicable resolution of your child custody disputes. Call us on 1300 544 437 to schedule a consultation with our family lawyers in Auburn, Castle Hill, Blacktown or Baulkham Hills.