Family Law

Property and Financial Settlements

Ensure a positive outcome in your financial settlement

When you start the process of a formal separation or divorce, your finances, property, debts and other assets need to be fairly divided. This is called a property settlement.

When you agree with each other

Some settlements will be fairly simple; normally when a couple agrees on everything, does not have many shared assets or has a pre-existing financial agreement in place.

When couples amicably agree on how assets are to be divided, a binding financial agreement or a consent order can be prepared and submitted with the help of a lawyer. This saves you a lot of time and money, and you do not have to go to court.

When you disagree with each other

For others, the process can become more complicated. When you have a lot of shared assets or disagree on how things are to be divided, you will need to negotiate a settlement. This is usually done through a court order.

Court orders can be a very lengthy, costly process, and it is always best to try and negotiate out of court. We can advise you of the best approach for your individual circumstances, and help you reach a settlement. Often, settling through a lawyer rather than through the courts achieves a better outcome for both parties.

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