Family Law

Enforcement and Contravention of Parenting Orders

The right way to enforce a parenting order

Occasionally, one parent will do something that breaches a parenting order. It could be that one parent won't let the other see the children, even though there are orders in place that allows both parents to spend time with the children.

To resolve any breaches of parenting orders, you can try and resolve the conflict:

The court takes breaches of parenting orders very seriously, and will take appropriate action to suit the circumstances. The non-compliant parent can be referred to a parenting program, fined, made to provide catch-up time, or even be required to spend time in jail.

If the parenting order was breached because the arrangement is no longer workable, the court may decide to amend the order, require both parents to attend a parenting program, or adjourn the case until another time.

If you believe your parenting order has been breached and are not sure how to handle the situation, speak to our experienced and empathetic family lawyers for advice that is appropriate to your circumstances.

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