Family Law

Counselling and Dispute Resolution

We'll help make the dispute resolution process simple

When you have a family dispute regarding children, assets or child support, there are certain processes available to you to resolve those disputes.

One option is to go to court, which is often a long, costly process that is emotionally draining. Another common option for dispute resolution is counselling, or mediation.

A Mediator acts as a third party to support both spouses to reach their own decisions amicably. Sessions are generally held where each party's interests and concerns are discussed, and an attempt is made to reach an agreement.

Why use mediation?

Using mediation and counselling for dispute resolution has many benefits over going to court to sort things out. These include:

  • A shorter time to reach a settlement
  • The decisions are made by you rather than the court
  • Mediation is less expensive than the court process
  • The process is usually less stressful and emotionally draining

When to use mediation

Mediation is often appropriate to use when you want to maintain a healthy and amicable relationship with your ex-spouse. It can be used to resolve disputes regarding children and parenting, division of property, maintenance and child support.

Mediation is not always appropriate when the safety of you or your children is at risk, there is a history of abuse in the relationship, or there is an intervention order in place.

We can give you advice that suits your individual situation, and can refer you to an experienced mediator if we think mediation is the right course of action for you.

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