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Child Support

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Child Support is the payment of money from one parent to the other, for the benefit of the child or children from that relationship. Child Support is a complex matter that is assessed by the Child Support Agency.

Applying for Child Support

Applications for Child Support are made through the Child Support Agency. Factors such as your income, your ex-partner's income, and the percentage of care provided by each parent are taken into consideration when your support payments are being calculated.

Child Support payments

Payments are generally collected and distributed by the agency, so you don't have to contact your ex-spouse for payments. In some cases, direct payments can be made from one parent to the other.

It's important to look into all your options, rights and obligations before applying for a child support payment. In some cases, parents who assume they are entitled to receive a payment have to in fact make payments themselves.

International Child Support

When one parent lives overseas, the matter of child support becomes more complicated, and differs depending on whether it is the paying parent or the receiving parent who lives overseas.

The law encourages voluntary payments in this case, however it can enforce mandatory payments. Issues such as currency and taxes come into play with international child support, and advice from a lawyer in this instance is highly recommended.

Find out your child support rights

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