From Child Custody to Divorce and Separation, Sydney Lawyers & Associates Is a Firm of True Family Law Specialists and Solicitors in Parramatta

At Sydney Lawyers & Associates, nothing matters more to us than family. We are first and foremost a firm of family law specialists in Parramatta. Whether you need child custody lawyers, divorce lawyers or property and financial settlement lawyers, you can count on our team to provide the services you need.

sAbout Our Friends and Family Referral Program

Of course, we recognise that it’s easy for us to say that family is important to us. However, because we want to be the firm that you trust with your family law matters, we’ve gone one step further than just talk. Indeed, we are unique among the family law firms in Parramatta in that we offer a friends and family referral program to all our clients.

Say you hire our team as your child custody lawyers in Parramatta. You are impressed with our services and the care and empathy we show throughout your case—from helping you understand child custody laws to arguing your case in court. You are so impressed, in fact, that when a friend or family member asks for recommendations of family law solicitors in Parramatta, you offer them our name and contact information. If your friend or family member ends up engaging our services, we will be happy to offer you a standing 5% discount on your next service that you can use anytime in the next 12 months.

Our referral program isn’t the only way we show appreciation for our clients and their families. We also like to ‘grandfather’ new clients into our legal service. If your parents or grandparents have worked with us for help on their legal matters, then you automatically get the family discount. Like our referral program, the family discount gives you 5% off your bill. However, this particular discount never expires and isn’t a ‘one time only’ offer. Instead, our family discount—which we call the ‘Family Reward Program’—provides you with a lifetime discount.

In other words, you might come to us looking for family law specialists in Parramatta. If we’ve handled legal matters for your parents or grandparents in the past, we will give you 5% off all family law work that we do on your behalf. Later, if you need a lawyer to defend you against criminal charges, if you need help preparing your estate, you can come to us and receive a 5% discount on those services as well. It doesn’t matter how much time elapses in between our services: the 5% discount will always be there to save you money and show you how much we value family at Sydney Lawyers & Associates.

Make Us Your Family Law Solicitors in Parramatta Today!

When you walk through our door at Sydney Lawyers & Associates, we want you to feel like you are family. Between our unbeatable rewards and referral programs for family and friends and our friendly, compassionate family law specialists, you won’t find a more welcoming family law firm in Parramatta. To make us your family law solicitors, give us a call today on 1300 544 437.