When Should I Hire Employment Lawyers in Parramatta?

At Sydney Lawyers & Associates, we are happy to serve as your employment lawyers in Parramatta. If you have a dispute with an employer, boss, manager, colleague, or co-worker, we can assist you in settling the dispute and making sure you protect your interests adequately.

While we handle a range of employment matters and disputes, we often hear from clients who wonder when and if they should engage the services of an employment lawyer. In other words, what types of situations should trigger you to start searching for employment lawyers in Parramatta?

The following scenarios are just a few of the matters that we can help you to settle in a clean and equitable fashion:

  • You believe your dismissal from work was unfair.
  • You have suffered harassment—sexual or otherwise—from someone at your workplace.
  • You feel that you have been the victim of some form of discrimination at work.
  • Your employer has violated laws or regulations.
  • Your employer is failing to meet the terms laid out in your employment contract—whether in regards to wages, benefits or other matters.
  • Your job has been unfairly eliminated due to redundancy.
  • You need help getting a worker’s compensation payment, due to an injury sustained at work.
  • Your employer has forced you to sign an agreement that eliminates or marginalises your rights.

If you have faced any of these issues at work, then there is a good chance that your employers have unfairly and unethically treated you. At Sydney Lawyers & Associates, our employment lawyers in Parramatta can help you find the resolution you deserve. Call us on 1300 544 437 to engage our services.