Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce Lawyers in Western Sydney

If your relationship with your spouse is coming to an end, or if you are already separated, then your next step is to hire a divorce lawyer. A good divorce lawyer will be able to make sure that your interests are protected throughout the divorce proceedings—as well as in any related proceedings, such as child custody battles. At Sydney Lawyers & Associates, we have a deep background in family law that makes us qualified to serve as your divorce lawyers in Western Sydney.

As you start looking at possible divorce lawyers in Western Sydney, you probably have a slew of questions about divorce proceedings and what to expect. Below, we’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions.

Do my partner and I have to be living separately to file for divorce?
No. A trial separation must elapse before you file for divorce, but that trial period doesn’t necessarily need to refer to a physical separation. You and your spouse can be separated and still living in the same home.
How long does the trial separation have to last?
The law requires couples to separate for 12 months before they can legally file for divorce.
When can I hire a lawyer?
While the law prevents couples from divorcing until 12 months of separation have elapsed, this rule does not extend to seeking legal representation. You can hire a divorce lawyer at any point. In fact, your spouse and your respective lawyers can use the 12-month separation time to negotiate a settlement.
Will I have to go to court?
Not all divorce proceedings end up in front of a judge. On the contrary, if you and your spouse can come to an agreeable settlement (with the help of your lawyers, of course) then you might be able to avoid the courts altogether.

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