What You Need to Know about Divorce and Divorce Lawyers in Parramatta

If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, then one of the first logical steps is to start thinking about hiring a divorce lawyer to represent you. At Sydney Lawyers & Associates, we are a trusted law firm in Paramatta. We offer a full range of legal services but are perhaps most well-known in the area for handling matters of family law. If you need to hire a team of divorce lawyers in Parramatta, talk to Sydney Lawyers & Associates for advice.

Before You Hire The Best Family and Divorce Lawyers in Parramatta

Our lawyers at Sydney Lawyers & Associates are always happy to take your call and answer any questions you might have. If you need to hire a divorce lawyer in Parramatta, just get in touch today. We will schedule a consultation to understand your case fully.

Before you hire a lawyer to represent your interests in a divorce proceeding, it’s important to make sure that you have gone through the steps necessary to file for divorce in Australia. According to national Australian law, no couple can file for divorce without first going through a trial separation period. The Federal Circuit Court of Australia has jurisdiction over all divorce filings in the country and enforces this requirement.

The Court will not approve a divorce filing unless you and your spouse have separated for 12 months or longer. ‘Separation’ in this case means living separately. While you and your spouse may have been having marriage troubles for years, an official separation only begins when you both start residing at different addresses. If you cannot satisfy the Court that you have gone through this period of separation in accordance with the law, then the Court may deny your application for divorce.

There are situations where the Court will grant a divorce even if some or all the couple’s separation took place while they were living under the same roof. However, these types of divorces require sworn affidavits and additional evidence and are always more complicated.

That’s not to say you can’t hire your team of Parramatta divorce lawyers until the entirety of your 12-month separation from your spouse has ended. On the contrary, during the separation, you and your spouse can still negotiate settlements in regards to child custody, finances, and other elements of the divorce. A lawyer can assist you in these negotiations and make sure that your best interests are being observed and respected every step of the way. Once the 12 months of separation have elapsed, your lawyer can also file paperwork for divorce on your behalf.

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