The Importance of Choosing a Divorce Lawyer Who Cares in Merrylands, Smithfield, Blacktown or Fairfield

Even in the best and most amicable circumstances, divorce proceedings tend to be emotional and perhaps even painful. Separating from a person with whom you hoped to spend the rest of your life, can be devastating, especially if there are children involved. As such, when you hire your divorce lawyer in Merrylands or Blacktown, it’s important to find someone who not only epitomises legal skill but who will also be friendly and sympathetic in this difficult time.

The Difference with Sydney Lawyers & Associates

At Sydney Lawyers & Associates, we cover many areas of legal practice—ranging from criminal law to debt recovery. However, while our professional capacities encompass many different areas of the law, we consider ourselves particularly adept at all matters of family law.

If you’ve ever worked with a big law firm before—either for a divorce case or any other legal issue—you may have felt like you were just another case in the big machine. While some large law firms do an excellent job of balancing their size and scope with exemplary client service, others are too cold and calculating, treating individual clients as numbers or dollar amounts rather than as people.

At Sydney Lawyers & Associates, we never want you to feel minimized or disrespected. As a smaller law firm, we can spend more one-on-one time with our clients. Indeed, if you hire us as your divorce lawyers in Smithfield or Fairfield, you will work directly with Angelita Manlangit, our principal solicitor. You should never worry about your case being handed off to a junior lawyer or changing hands from one meeting to the next. With us, you get a feeling of stability in your solicitor-client relationship —something we think is particularly important for matters like divorce, where stability can be in short supply.

Though we maintain thoroughly professional relationships every step of the way, our goal is to create an environment where you feel like comfort and trust are possible. Often, clients who hire Angelita as their divorce lawyer in Fairfield or Merrylands see her as a friend by the end of the proceedings. These clients praise our practice for its empathy and care, especially compared to firms with a larger and less personal setup.

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When you hire a divorce lawyer in Blacktown, Smithfield, Merrylands or Fairfield, you need someone who will help you not only in a legal sense but an emotional sense as well. At Sydney Lawyers & Associates, we strive to build positive relationships with all clients. These relationships are especially valuable in divorce proceedings, where our lawyers offer support and reassurance that you can use to stay strong. Divorce will never be easy, but at least with us in your corner, it can be easier.

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