Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Getting help early is the best approach for debt recovery

If you're having trouble recovering a debt owed to you, we can help. Our debt recovery process involves various stages such as issuing a letter of demand, starting legal proceedings and obtaining a warrant to seize assets. Our aim is to maximise the amount recovered and do it as quickly as possible.

We can also provide advice and help if you're being sued. We'll explain all your options and guide you on the most appropriate course of action.

Sydney Lawyers and Associates Pty Ltd can help with:

  • Issuing a contract to formalise the agreement between both parties
  • Advising you about your obligations and rights
  • Recovering debts owed to you or claiming losses suffered
  • Defending you when a claim has been made against you

Getting the right legal advice early can result in disputes being resolved sooner, reducing damages and costs involved.

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