Do I Need a Conveyancing Lawyer If I Am Buying or Selling a House in Western Sydney?

Whether you are buying a home or selling one, most experts will recommend that you engage the services of a conveyancing lawyer in Western Sydney. ‘Conveyancing’ refers to the process of transferring ownership of property from one person to another. A conveyancing lawyer is there to ensure that the transfer goes smoothly and that your interests are observed and protected throughout the transaction.

Conveyancing lawyers come highly recommended by people who have been through the home buying or selling process. But do you really need one? Legally speaking, you are not required to have a conveyancing lawyer when you buy or sell a house. However, the property transfer process is a complicated one and having a legal expert there to help you navigate it can be a major source of comfort.

If you are buying a house, your conveyancing lawyer will review the contract of sale, research the property (in search of easements, building restrictions, etc.), help you at settlement and much more. If you are selling a house, your conveyancing lawyer will help you negotiate with the buyer, get all paperwork sorted and generally assist with the legal side of things.

Most buyers and sellers know what they want in a house or what sale price they want to receive. However, few buyers or sellers have much of a stomach for legalese, paperwork, negotiations or the many more ‘boring’ steps of the conveyancing process. Having a talented conveyancing lawyer in Western Sydney frees you from having to deal with these steps while still ensuring that your legal interests are represented.

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